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Get the best performance out of your GT-3 Series.
Last Updated: 1/June/2012

************************* Simple Guide to GT-3 Series *************************

541 vs GT-3 Series
The information that GT-3 Panel shows
GT-3 Menu
How to Print White with GT-381/GT-361
Heating Equipment for curing ink & pretreatment

************************ Read them through: Operation ************************

All about White Ink
Shake it!
Pretreat it!
Cure it!
Keep it!
Check it!
When you clean Print Head Nozzles

Adjustment for Print Quality
Firing and Alignment
Test Data

Print Best with GT-3 Printer Driver
Tour to Printer Driver MAIN Menu
Tour to Printer Driver ADVANCED Menu
Details of Main menu
Details of Advanced menu
File Viewer
Useful Tools are Useful

Application Settings
CorelDRAW X5
CorelDRAW X4 and the former

******************************* TIPs of Retouching *******************************

Read before you retouch the artwork
Artwork that Your Customers Bring
Resizing and Resolution
Drop Shadows and Gradation
TIPS of Color Matching
Color Profile
If CMYK data

Troubleshooting in print white
That's not white enough!
White lines are sticking out!
Holes are in the middle of the image!

******************************* TIPs of Colors *******************************

Why You See Colors?
Why Does it Look White?

******************************* Advanced Application *******************************

Take Your Time to GT-3
Pretreat 50/50
Lower Your Platen

Items to Print White
Spray for Pretreatment
Pretreatment with Roller

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